Death Anniversary Celebration of Servant of God Antony Susainather

Death Anniversary Celebration of Servant of God Antony Susainather

Commemorating a Life of Holiness and Service

On June 8th, 2024, the community of Fatimagiri Ashram in Vadakangulam, Tamil Nadu, gathered to honour the Death Anniversary of the Servant of God Antony Susainather. The solemn celebration reflected the deep reverence and enduring legacy of a life dedicated to faith and service.

The Holy Mass, presided over by Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Ravi Balan R., the Vicar General of Tuticorin Diocese together with Rev. Fr. Sahayadasan CR, the Vicar General of the Rosarians, along with Rosarian Fathers and Brothers, and neighbouring priests. The presence of religious communities’ Fathers and Sisters, as well as faithful from neighbouring parishes, added to the significance of the event.

The ceremony was a profound reflection on the life and virtues of Servant of God Antony Susainather. The gathered assembly was reminded of his unwavering commitment to God’s service and his profound impact on the community and beyond.

The homily delivered during the Mass emphasized the virtues of humility, dedication, and love that characterized Servant of God Antony Susainather’s life. His example continues to inspire the faithful, urging them to live lives of greater holiness and service.

The event was marked by a strong sense of community and shared faith. Participants from various parishes, along with the religious communities, came together in prayer and remembrance. The unity and collective devotion showcased the lasting influence of the Servant of God Antony Susainather’s legacy.

Following the Mass, there was a time of fellowship and reflection, allowing the participants to share their thoughts and memories of the Servant of God. The atmosphere was one of solemn reverence and heartfelt gratitude for the life of the Servant of God Antony Susainather.

The Death Anniversary Celebration of Servant of God Antony Susainather was a testament to his enduring legacy and the profound impact of his life of service. As the community continues to honour his memory, his example serves as a beacon of faith and dedication for all.


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