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Our Apostolate

Our apostolate is called “The Ministry of Presence”; That is to be available to God and to the people who seek God experience. Conducting Prayer, retreats, counselling, hearing confession, spiritual direction etc.

Since 1928


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Objectives of the Rosarians

1. To be a self-reliant Congregation and to have enough dynamism to restructure itself in order to be more faithful and responsive to the demands of the Gospel than to tradition.

2. To serve with more dedication to the faithful seekers and spiritual devotees, who thirst to seek God & who are keen in search of peace and salvation.

3. To bring God & man closer in communion through prayer, penance and work for the evangelization of the world.

4. To bring in the spiritual wisdom among common people and to create a taste of spiritual happiness and peace by way of tasting hard life, by following the foot prints of our saintly Founder, a Missionary Oblate to expose the trainees and the people to a life of Gospel simplicity and poverty as to reach the spiritual path of perfection and salvation.

5. To prepare modern/worldly people for the revival of Christianity, who are away from God.

6. To mobilize, stabilize and utilize prayer as powerful weapon for monks and help the clergy (the religious men and women) and laity to bring and build the kingdom of God on Earth.

7. To train the seminarians systematically as Evangelists to serve the world peacefully.

8. To enrich the spiritual wealth in human heart and life and seek God to realize Him through prayer, meditation & Bible Study.

9. To live as active Christian community, serving the areas through agricultural development and through active participation in helping and uplifting the neighborhood and to be the witness to Christ by both word and deed to the concept “help the neighbour”.

10. To share and care for the most unfortunate section in their sufferings, who are helpless and are less able to care for themselves as a witness to Christ’s concern.

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