The Congregation of the Rosarians

The Founder

B. A. Thomas OMI Servant of God

Servant of God B. A. Thomas OMI. He was born in 1986 on Jan 26th. He was born a sickly child baptized on the same day, but lived 78 years by the Divine Providence. He was asked by the Bishop of Jaffna Sri Lanka to start the Rosarian Contemplative Congregation. He was known for his sanctity and love for the poor. He founded Contemplative Congregation for men and women. His beatification cause is in the Roman Phase. It was the unanimous opinion of all who had contact with Fr. Thomas,OMI, that he was a man of God, a saint. These included besides his own spiritual children, members of the Rosarian Congregations of men and women, also outsiders, Christians as well as non-Christians.

Journey of Our founder

B. A. Thomas (Founder)

Prayer offered through the intercession of the Servant of God
B. A. Thomas

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