The Congregation of the Rosarians

Former Prior Generals


Prior General from 1969 to 1976

He was a native of Poovar, in Trivandrum diocese. He was born on 11th June 1910. After his studies, he was appointed as headmaster of Marthandam Middle School and worked for one year. He joined OCD order in 1934, made his simple profession on 5th June 1935 and his solemn profession in 1938. He was ordained as priest on 21st September 1940 and taught philosophy and theology for ten years in Carmel monastery, Trivandrum.

In 1969, the Holy See appointed him as the Prior General of the Congregation of the Rosarians. He revised the life and laws of the congregation and codified the constitution and directory of our congregation. He worked hard and did his mission well to revive the life of the Rosarians according to the charism. Buying the piece of land from OCD Fathers of the Malabar province in Carmeralam, he brought our congregation to Bangalore and started Rosarian Training center. In 1976, he convoked the first General chapter and in that chapter, Fr. Bernard CR was elected as the Prior General. Later, he was called back by his Order of Carmelite and was superior in various Houses. From 1981 – 1987, he was chosen as the Tamil Nadu General delegation of the OCD. He celebrated his Diamond Jubilee of Ordination as Priest in 2000. Due to his old age and various ailments, he passed away on 15th May 2006 at Carmel Mission Hospital, Manalikarai and was buried in the Carmel Monastery cemetery, Manalikarai.


Prior General from 1976 to 1982

He hailed from Paippadu of Changanacherry Archdiocese; was born on May 1914. While working as a teacher in Negombo, Sri lanka, he came in contact with Tholagatty Ashram and joined there in September 1950. He did his Novitiate there in 1952; made his first profession on 11th October 1953 and final profession on 11th October 1956. He was sent to St. Paul’s seminary Trichy for theological studies and was ordained priest on 25th March 1960. The same year he joined the Tholagatty Community, where he served as prior for some time. Having returned to India in 1962, he served as Novice Master there till 1970. The same year he was appointed as prior of Nishkalanka Ashram. In 1973, he took charge as prior of Fatimagiri Ashram. The first ordinary general chapter held at Fatimagiri Ashram in 1976, in which he was elected as First Prior General, and he shifted his residence to R.T.C Bangalore, which was chosen as the Generalate House. During his term as prior General, Annai Ashram, Mala Maria and Devamatha Ashrams were founded. After his term of generalship, he served as prior of Devamatha (three years) Fatimagiri (six years) Rosary Hill (three years) and finally Devamatha (six years).

The last six years of his life was spent in retirement and prayer at Devamatha ashram. For many years during the latter half of life, he was engaged in apostolate of writing, producing several spiritual books in English and Malayalam. His end came at Devamatha Ashram due to a stroke that kept him paralyzed and speechless for a week. He breathed his last on 2nd January 2006 and was interred the following day in the Devamatha Ashram Cemetery.


Prior General from 1982 to 1985

He was born at Pandian temple Jaffna on 4th June 1919. Before joining the Rosarian Congregation, he was a member of the OMI Congregation. He began his novitiate in 1943 and took his first vows on 7th March 1945 and his final vows on 15th August 1948. He was ordained priest on 6th January 1949 being one among the first four priests who were taught and trained by Fr. Founder himself. He came to Fatimagiri, India in 1951. After being assistant to Fr. Susainathar there, for some time, he continued there as Prior till 1959. Then after one year’s priorship at Pushpavanam Ashram, he took charge as Prior of Nishkalanka Ashram in 1960 and he continued to be the prior till the first special General Chapter in 1970. In 1971, he took charge as prior at Tholagatty and he started the Arul Ashram in Jaffna. He acted as second General Councilor from 1976 to 1982. The second ordinary General Chapter elected him prior General. He started the Japamala Ragini Savana ashram at Kochikkude. His health which was deteriorating took a sudden turn for the worse in June 1985, on his way to visit the Ashrams in Sri Lanka. He died in a hospital in Colombo on June 23rd and was buried at the Tholagatty Ashram cemetery.


Prior General from 1985 to 2000

He was born on 29th November 1938 at Muthupettai of Sivagangai diocese. Having been in the Jesuit order earlier, with due permission he was admitted as a postulant at Pushpavanam Ashram in May 1967. He joined the Novitiate on 7th April 1970 at Fatimagiri Ashram in the first batch of Novitiate commencing after the special (Renewal) general chapter in 1970. He made his first vows on 7th April 1971 and his final vows on 6th April 1977 at R.T.C Bangalore. He was ordained priest on 1st May 1977. In 1979 he took charge as Novice Master at Fatimagiri Ashram.

He was elected 1st general councilor in 1982, and also continued to be the Novice Master at Pushpavanam Ashram whither the Novitiate had been shifted. In May 1985 he was appointed prior of R.T.C, after the death the then prior general Fr. J. B. Packianather, the following month, he took charge of the administration of the congregation as vicar general. He was elected prior general in 1988, and reelected to the same post in 1994. Rosary Hill Ashram and Maria Basti were started during his generalship. Also the Generalate quarters were constructed during his term of office.

At the end of his term as Prior General, in 2000, he took charge as prior of Sirumalar Ashram, Prattiyur. Within a couple of years, he was found to be suffering from a severe liver ailment. He joined the R.T.C community to continue his treatment in Bangalore. The treatment proved ineffective and he breathed his last on 20th April 2004 and was buried in the R.T.C cemetery.


Prior General from 2000 – 2006; 2012 – 2018

He is born in Kerala, India. He has served the Congregation in different levels, such as Superior, Prior, General Councilor, Vicar General and Prior General for two terms. Had done many efforts to bring up the congregation. In his time only the Congregation was raised to Pontifical Rite.


Prior General from 2006 – 2012

He was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. He is one of the senior priests the Congregation of the Rosarians. He has been serving in different capacities, such as Superior, Prior, Formator, Postulator for the Diocesan Process of Servant of God B.A. Thomas, Regional Councilor, Regional Superior, and Prior General. 

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